Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Thought Lightning Never Struck Twice?

The Storm has passed and McQueen has left us speechless again! Did you ever wonder what happens when lightning strikes? That maybe that is the time when Aliens come to Earth? Well, kids update your text books because McQueen has shown us the Alien's hidden secrets.... HIM! His Paris portal has transcended Aliens to our planet and they are hear to stay! 

With shocking colors, bold illusionistic patterns, and shoes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD, McQueen has single handedly converted me to "Alienism". The silhouettes of the entire collection are avant-garde, disgustingly Alien chic, and the affect mind blowing. 

I cannot stop gawking over this collection and if I were one of those lucky people sitting at that show... believe me I would not be writing this... I would be dead.  My heart stopped once posted his collection and I would be foaming at the mouth and in a hospital if I witnessed it in person.

Who wants to be an Alien come Spring? 
I DO!!!
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Coo Coo for Rochas!!!

My FAVORITE show from Paris thus far has been Rochas collection! The looks that pranced down the runway were fun, flirty, reminiscent of a 1940s Hawaiian vacation, and the colors STUNNING. Breath taking hues of deep burgundy, mustard gold, teal, salmon, red (all time favorite), and white. 

The silhouettes shaped the feminine figure with tight high waisted belts and sheer blouses focusing on dainty lingerie bras. Sunglasses and socks tied the looks together and as a whole the collection was a success! These looks made me want to hop on a plane to a warm destination and skip around in a little romper and red lipstick... oh if I only could ( it is raining now in Brooklyn, NY).  One thing is for sure... as soon as Spring/ Summer arrives I will be wearing dainty little frocks in bright colors, shoes with cute socks, and of course some red lipstick!

Did you find your shade yet? GET ON IT! ox

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Embellish Me Pretty!


This Spring one trend that is obvious is... it is time for women to feel like glitzy girls again! It is time to get out of this recession depression and add some MUCH needed sparkle back into our lives! Whether it is just a dash of glitz here or a pinch or spark there... girls need to feel glamours again.  Most recently in Paris, designers like Lavin and Balmain have added glam to their frocks... embellishing their jackets, tops, and umping up their silhouettes with accents. 

These looks are easy to recreate at home and can be worn even now! Stop in Zara or LF Stores  for a sequin blazer or in a vintage shop for am embellished flirty dress. Whether you are at work, school, getting the mail, or out with your friends sparkles are always necessary... just remember the cardinal rules...

1. Feel confident! Glam attracts everyones eyes so if you don't like what you are wearing or feel comfortable then your mission to look fabulous has failed and now you look glitzy and weird
2. Start off slow bedazzling yourself. Try an embellished bolero paired with jeans, cute tee, and funky books or heels
3. Don't over do the glitz at work! You don't want to come off as a "party girl" or look like you are wearing the outfit from the night before... that just doesn't look professional. 

Readers remember the rules and embrace some funky glitz and glam!  Get out of your dark depression state of mind and come to life again.  Things are looking up so why not freshen up your look with some dazzling gems!

photos: Marylin Minter, Lf Stores, &

Greetings Earthlings!!!

Well... Aliens have taken over Paris Fashion Week and frankly I love it!! Designers have either taken the "white out", feminine floral prints, or sci-fi sportswear approach to their Spring 2010 collection.  Recently designers such as Gucci, Rick Owen, and Balenciaga showcased their views in form fitting textiles, featuring cut out shapes and layering affects.  Shoes are what make their looks so stunning and alienesk with overly done slouchy boots or cut of heels. These looks are trendy, unconventional, and above all FUN! 

Whether you are classic, preppy, Gothic, or modern you can incorporate accessories or separates into your wardrobe to make your look more sci-fi chic this coming Spring! Try updating your look with the real deal (if you can afford it), lower end knock offs, or even create your own.  It is time to EXPERIMENT! If you are afraid to do "the alien" at work or at school try your new trend out at night... see how people react to you ( and it they don't get it... obviously they aren't fashion forward or adventurous... OR maybe you will inspire them to try it as well)...ALSO see how this new trend makes you feel.  This trend is exciting and sexy in a very space aged cool way. I personally cannot wait to update my Spring look with some funky shoes and alien sportswear outfits!! 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Price tags & Shopaholics

Hello, my name is Megan and I am a shopaholic. Yes, you must be thinking... how is she a shopaholic if she is broke but indeed I am! Thankfully my parents do not read my blog because if they did my phone would be ringing the second I post this and I would hear those dreadful words... "see your parents are always right" or "did you really need to buy that?"  I would always come from from the local Goodwill, my favorite consignment shop,and or expensive boutique with my amazing finds.  Whether cheap or expensive I always found a way to justify everything. Now that I am broke... yes, I am broke... my bank account statement today is $3.41 in checking and $4.22 in savings (please do not tell my grandparents) I still somehow find away to be cheap & chic. 

Shoppers today have a common misconception that you must wear designer labels to have status.  I once believed that too  but now I see the truth. It is one thing to have the latest designer fashions but another to look like rich b$tch... which I most certainly am  not. I admit I do have designer shoes, clothes, and accessories but they are not what define me (take in mind I either bought them at a vintage shop for way less that retail and even wholesale cost or had an employee discount). What defines me is my own sense of style and how I can combine things that cost one dollar with others that cost a couple hundred.  Now that I am  no longer making money I have to be more careful with how I spend it. Now instead of debating do I buy these Gucci shoes or that Chanel lipstick it's do I buy frozen cherries or ice cream which one is cheaper and which will last longer? My priorities have shifted. No longer do I live a care free lifestyle spending as I please... these days it is budget budget budget broke. None the less I am indeed a shopaholic.

My latest obsession are the vintage flea markets in Brooklyn where I just moved. Some of the items are antiques so they are more costly but there are some great bargains on vintage clothing and accessories.  Last time I was there it was one dollar shoes and $10 for a beautifully beaded cashmere sweater... it doesn't get much better than that! Also, my roommates and I have been looking for an old mannequin but have had horrible luck.  Some stores asking prices were $200-$400 and we even tried convincing the Goodwill to sell us theirs but they insisted it was not for sale. Luckily at this flea market was an old and I mean VERY old mannequin caught my eye. She was rusty, dirty, the perfect size form, and best of all she was only $3o. SHUT UP! I could not believe my ears. My sister Lauren and brother Justin bought if for me as a late birthday present. Thank goodness we did not cough up $200 for a mannequin in that rip off of a store... I would be even more broke than I am now.

Readers money will come later and so will success so just keep your head up. Sometimes it is hard and you have to make choices on how to spend your money and whether or not you should go to that bar or party tonight or even buy that great pair of Christian Dior shoes but HEY we all have to make sacrifices time and time again.  Designer goods are classic, memorable, and sometimes just make you giddy like a school girl but do we really need them all the time? Maybe try indulging in vintage goods, cupcake, or chai tea.  Pinching pennies can be tough and yes I have not saved a lot or even at all but I vow to pinch a little bit harder and indulge less.  

Shopaholics rich or poor pinch your pennies for something you really want and what I really want is Paris... so its time to PINCH THEM PENNIES even if it means running into traffic to get that quarter or dime for my wallet. Good luck readers and remember to look both ways before dodging for that stray cash in the road :) 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cause you got to have FAITH

Fashion week is the time for designers to showcase their collections to viewers in hopes of "making it big", getting their opinion/ view out there, and sharing their passion with the world. Designer Manuel De La Cruz  launched his Spring 2010 at the Altman Building in Chelsea with a line of viewers out the door waiting to get in. Industry professionals, friends, and followers all waited patiently in a little drizzle... not caring about their hair, makeup, or designer shoes the only thing on everyones mind was, Faith.

This years collection was called "Faith" and I had the opportunity to ask Manuel what was his inspiration behind the collection. His response was:
The inspiration came from my grandmother and her devotion to her religion, she's a catholic lady who believes in saints and I remembered when I was a kid she had all these images and statues of saints in her house and with my family used to visit churches all around Guatemala, as a child I was afraid of those statues... hahaha... but then I started to appreciate their art and started to take a look of people and their faith... the reason I call the collection faith.

It became apparent as the first model strutted down the runway that these clothes were impeccable and designed by someone who knew both the man and woman's figure. Details on the clothing, such as beaded crosses, shimmered as the models moved, along with their layered silver rosaries.   The colors were dark and clean and gave the looks a classy, sexy, sophisticated,and mysterious edge.  Here is what Manuel had to say about his color selection:

I've never been a color person... I feel very secure in neutral palettes and my favorite is black, so I had to translate this into my selection and became a very natural and neutral tones, beiges, gray, khaki, white, off white, black with little touches of red and green.

On goers left the show smiling, clapping, and wanting more so I had to ask him... WHAT IS NEXT FOR MANUEL DE LA CRUZ?

I'm already working on two projects, a line of high end tee shirts: Using as well very natural and neutral palette of colors with contrasting black images in silk jerseys, very soft and chic. The inspiration it's an evolution from my spring summer 10 collection and we are planning to have it available online in march next year.
Of course I'm working on my fall 10. I'm getting my inspiration from the book Daniel from the Bible, so, it's as well an evolution from faith.... sounds very religious but also there's a part of this collection where I'm being inspired by Mayan Art... well, I'm still working on my research and images and putting everything together, but for sure the lines of the collection will remain the same, will focus on outwear, tailored suits, cocktail dresses and maybe .... if the time is right add evening gowns to the collection.
Well... needless to say i am ECSTATIC for Manuel's up coming tees and collection and cannot wait to see his vision of Mayan art paired with Christian faith! I have never been a religious follower or firm believer in one particular religion... I have however always had an appreciation and understanding for others views on God and faith. I think it is safe to say that I have found my own religion. That religion is Manuel De La Cruz!!!

Runway photos by Patrick Scudder