Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Thought Lightning Never Struck Twice?

The Storm has passed and McQueen has left us speechless again! Did you ever wonder what happens when lightning strikes? That maybe that is the time when Aliens come to Earth? Well, kids update your text books because McQueen has shown us the Alien's hidden secrets.... HIM! His Paris portal has transcended Aliens to our planet and they are hear to stay! 

With shocking colors, bold illusionistic patterns, and shoes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD, McQueen has single handedly converted me to "Alienism". The silhouettes of the entire collection are avant-garde, disgustingly Alien chic, and the affect mind blowing. 

I cannot stop gawking over this collection and if I were one of those lucky people sitting at that show... believe me I would not be writing this... I would be dead.  My heart stopped once posted his collection and I would be foaming at the mouth and in a hospital if I witnessed it in person.

Who wants to be an Alien come Spring? 
I DO!!!
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